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3ft x 6ft 3 Protect A Bed Premium Cotton Waterproof Single Mattress Protector

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The Premium mattress protector boasts Miracle Membrane, a revolutionary polyurethane barrier that is breathable, 100% waterproof and anti-allergenic. It has a soft cotton towelling surface and with a deep elasticated border, helping it to fit snugly to your mattress. Unfortunately most mattresses absorb moisture, which plays a significant part in the break down and deterioration of internal fillings and springs. The Premium mattress cover will not allow your body moisture to enter the mattress, resulting in a longer life for your mattress. The combination of moisture and your own body warmth creates an ideal breeding ground for the house dust mite, which are a major cause of allergies. The cover will not only act as a barrier, reducing the moisture and dead skin from entering the mattress, but is also treated to help further reduce asthma, eczema and other dust mite related allergies. It?s a fact: within one month your new mattress will have absorbed over 30 litres of fluid and 60 million dead skin cells meaning fungus and bacteria will already be forming. It?s a fact: every new mattress will be home to over 2 million dust mites within 3 months if you leave it unprotected. The guarantee of your mattress can be invalidated, if badly stained or soiled. The Premium mattress cover comes with a full 10 year warranty for complete peace of mind and will protect your mattress for less than 1p per night. Take advantage of NEXT DAY DELIVERY with this product.

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