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Classic Latex Pillow

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£60.00 £45.00

It's not very often we can buy Latex pillows cheaply, so given our previous success with the Innovations pillow; we didn?t hesitate when offered another bulk buy at a super low price. Never one to miss a bargain, our buyer bought as many of the pillows as we could get our hands on, allowing us to sell them at half the price of equivalent latex pillows. Latex is a natural product taken from the sap of the Rubber Tree and is hypo-allergenic, long lasting and has the ability to retain its comfort properties throughout its lifespan. Encased in a 100% cotton cover, the pillow is ventilated to allow it to breathe and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you like a bargain, buy your Innovations pillows NOW. When they?re gone, they?re gone.

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